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Whenever possible, ask yourself,
"How would the person that I would like to become
do that which I am about to do?"
~Source Unknown
This is a great technique of imagining your version of
the "ideal you" acting in a way that is of the highest quality. 
This technique can be used in virtually all the challenges that life presents to you.

West Brookfield Counseling Center
62 Ware Street 
West Brookfield, MA  01585
(508) 867-4451

We Provide:

   • Individual counseling for children, adolescents, and adults  
   • Family or couples counseling
   • Group counseling 
   • Consults with Doctors, Schools and others 
   • Life, Business and Corporate coaching 
   • Mental Status Exams 
   • School and home behavioral consulting, observations and  assessments  
   • Social Skills Training for ages 4 to 19 
       Social Skills Groups give kids a purposeful, organized way to learn and practice appropriate    verbal and non-verbal communication skills in a group setting

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