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"The Combination of Musician, Comic,
   and Therapist Offers a Rare
  Teaching Platform"

 Norman Always
Leaves His Listeners With a Healthy Mixture of Entertainment




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   • Lighten Up
   • Passion Cures Everything

This show is a silly and sacred look at our families and the world at hand, using music, comedy and insightful words to teach important principles.

The program seeks to look at the silly and the sacred side of families and the world in general.  Through music, comedy and speech the attendees will experience and learn about recognizing the funny and tender things that we all seem to share with those most close to us in our lives.  Norman uses his very extensive and uncommon experience as a professional entertainer/ musician and licensed child and family therapist to bring the information across in a more inspirational and profound way.  He also draws from his own childhood which took place in central Massachusetts, in a very large extended Italian-American family.
As with all of Norman's programs, "Lighten up" is able to be tailored to the specific needs of the organization that he serves
This program is a treatise on the power of passion in all of our lives. Norman uses many of his life experiences to show how finding a passionate quest, goal or pursuit has enabled him to overcome seemingly insurmountable situations and end up stronger and happier. Most importantly, he shows you how to do this in your own life starting now!
The 5 Steps of Finding Your Passion
1. Recall Your Passion History
     Try to remember the experiences in your life that have truly excited you.  Then ask could
      re-introduce them into your life. 
2. Study These Passions
     Go online to find ways to learn more about this past passion of yours.  Study people who
    are participating in these activities or pursuits.  Look for ideas that you could work            into our world.
3. "Wants" Not Shoulds
   “Remember, these are the things you loved or would love to do, not things you   "should"  do!
4. Perfect World Vision
   Ask yourself what you would be doing with your life and time if you never had to work    again. Therein lies your passion or passionate pursuits.              
5. Ask Yourself "Why Not Me?"
   Realize that the world offers you the same opportunities that it offers everyone.

 As with all of Norman's programs, "Passion Cures Everything" is able to be tailored to the specific needs of the organization that he serves.

 Additional Topics   
  • Raising Happy Productive Kids In Today's World
  • How To Use Structure And Creativity Together To Be More

Norman Tonelli LMHC holds the distinction of being extensively experienced as a licensed child and family therapist (He is the owner and director of the West Brookfield Counseling Center in Massachusetts) as well as 30 years experience as a professional musician playing thousands of shows in New England since 1978.  He has spoken and performed for hundreds of schools, parent groups, educational
organizations, associations and companies since 1987.
This diverse experience has left him capable of having the ability to both inspire and teach people through music, comedy and speaking. The word unique is an overused expression that has somehow lost its meaning...Norman Tonelli is an absolutely unique speaker and showman.  Audiences are most importantly affected by Norman's promise to leave them with more than just a wonderful experience, but with an everlasting inspiration and skill set to change themselves, their friends and families, and the world.
 Norman's programs are tailored to fit keynotes, half and full day seminars. 
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Norman Tonelli LMHC is a true "triple threat" professional speaker with over 25 years experience as a private practice child and family therapist as well as a working musician and comedian. His presentations stand on the merits of all three areas of expertise and experience.  .  As the owner and director of The West Brookfield Counseling Center in central Mass., as well as a seasoned musician and comic with over 2,500 "gigs" of experience, he brings an unparalleled array of skill sets to his programs.
Norman offers full and half day motivational seminars as well as keynote speeches on ways to bring passion into our lives and the lives of our children, using both comedy and music as his tools for what he has coined as the silliness and sacredness our lives. He is truly only one of a select few speakers who have extensive professional experience in three diverse, comedy and professional counseling.

Norman always leaves his listeners with a mixture of entertainment and message

 Room Set Up And A.V. Needs

Stage: All that is needed is a podium and one electric outlet.  Norman takes care of all other on stage arrangements, including microphones.
Lighting: General stage wash.  Center stage and out each side appx. 20 feet is where most of the action takes place.

Introduction: A company representative to read a printed introduction.

 Contact Information  

Any Questions? Norman can be reached at 508-867-4451 Extension 1, or if no answer 774-200-0073. 

Also his e-mail address is


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