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The Combination of Musician, Comic,
    and Therapist Offers a Rare
  Teaching Platform

 Norman Always
Leaves His Listeners With a Healthy Mixture of Entertainment






Clients that have profited from Normans entertaining and inspiring presentations have ranged from educational groups to businesses, both small and large as well as parent organizations and state social service agencies.
Testimonial -  Bonnie Milner -- Owner/Long View Recording Studio

What a special, unusual mix of gifts and strengths reside in the brain and soul of Norman Tonelli!

On one hand, there is a caring, nurturing, empowering man capable of listening with every ounce of his being and the ability to see far beyond the surface of situations, conundrums and human reactions.

On the other is a gifted entertainer capable of pulling audiences into his force-field, making each person in a crowded auditorium feel as if he is seeing directly into their solitary life experience. He speaks to people alone and together simultaneously. You will laugh, cry, dance and sing along when you intended to only observe.

Norman Tonelli is a gifted musician and songwriter; two things I have spent my entire adult life studying and teaching. I say ‘gifted’ instead of ‘learned’ intentionally. It is so rare to come across someone this special, this unique, this talented.

Norman Tonelli is a diamond in the desert. His message and music entwined will change your life.

Bonnie Milner -- Owner/Long View Recording Studio


 Testimonial - Terry Gordon

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