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Norman Tonelli LMHC holds the distinction of being extensively experienced as a licensed child and family therapist (He is the owner and director of the West Brookfield Counseling Center in Massachusetts) as well as 30 years experience as a professional musician playing thousands of shows in New England since 1978.  He has spoken and performed for hundreds of schools, parent groups, educational organizations, associations and companies since 1987.
This diverse experience has left him capable of having the ability to both inspire and teach people through music, comedy and speaking. The word unique is an overused expression that has somehow lost its meaning...Norman Tonelli is an absolutely unique speaker and showman.  Audiences are most importantly affected by Norman's promise to leave them with more than just a wonderful experience, but with an everlasting inspiration and skill set to change themselves, their friends and families, and the world. 
Norman's programs are tailored to fit keynotes, half and full day seminars.  

Interview Topics

 1. Raising Happy Productive Kids In Today's World
 2. Passion Cures All of Life's Ills...How To Find Yours
 3. Lighten Up!  How To use Laughter and Music To Make Your World Better
 4. How To Use Structure And Creativity Together To Be More Successful

Sample Interview Questions

  1.    Can any one find their passion or just those who have led exciting lives?
  2.    How long does it take from when you start this quest until you start getting excited? 
  3.    Is there an age limit as to who this will work for?  
  4.    Are there any secondary benefits to this passion process?                 
  5.    How does music and comedy help make your point when you are presenting ideas?
  6.    Can you describe the step by step procedure that one can follow to find their passion?
  7.    Are there any on-line resources that can help us in our search for passion options?
  8.    Can this help with career selection or re direction?  
  9.    Is this a helpful technique for people after retirement?                              
10.    How can people find the time in a busy life to work this? 

Media Experiences

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• Telegram & Gazette,
• Spencer New Leader,
• Quaboag Current,
• Wickaboag Weekly,
• Springfield Daily News,
• & others

A Collage of Norman's News Articles

Norman Working With Kids

Innovacion TV Interview (February 2011)


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